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The Journey to Forced Absence

A Director’s Note

While in the midst of pre-production for another film, I saw a horrific news clip. A man shot his ex-wife and then turned the gun on himself, orphaning their two children. It appears that the exhusband was frustrated with unaffordable child support and minimal visitation rights. Reporters mentioned that he’d had a rough childhood and no father figure in his life. I was struck by the plight of those orphans. How will they cope? Although I shuddered at the implication that a bad childhood should be a mitigating factor in a crime of murder, I wondered how exactly their father had been driven to commit such a terrible crime. This incident and others like it drove me to research marital problems and their effects on children and their parents. As the research progressed, I realized that those of us who have been spared the bitter taste of divorce are mostly oblivious to the horrors lurking in the underbelly of this beast. The process subjects children and their parents to a startling amount of stress, venom, mental anguish, and financial hardship due to biased and oppressive laws enforced by a corrupt family court system. I decided to tell the story of the millions of families impacted by the family court system. I compiled years of interviews with attorneys, litigants, family members, social workers, and psychiatrists and wrapped them in a reflective storyline for this feature documentary. Forced Absence is my attempt to shed some light on the corrupt family court systems that are keeping children from the love and nurture of parents who pose no danger to them. I hope this film serves as a catalyst for much needed commonsense changes.
Pius A. Uzamere

WELCOME! In this movie, we explore the adverse effects of parental alienation, excessive child support, false abuse claims,denied child visitation and custody on children and their non-custodial mothers and fathers.


A Documentary About Children Of Divorce, Custody Wars, Child Support Battles, Parental Alienation, And Corrupt Family Courts.                                     This Is The Movie They Didn't Want You To See